People rant and rave about New York regarding food and dining. So many great restaurants. The best pizza, Chinese food, bagel, tap water. Blah-blah-blah.

The truth about what makes New York notable, food-wise, is that there is a real diversity of menus tailored to different budgets. You can eat good Italian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, vegetarian, whatever, without having to spend untenable amounts of money. But you need a guide. There are as many bad venues in New York, perhaps more, than in any other major city. High rents mean people often cut corners. Where do you turn for reliable advice? Debra at eatquestnyc!

Debra is to New York dining reportage what William Proxmire was to government misappropriation. She is smart, honest and always worth reading. She is the Pinball Wizard of finding great restaurants in the city. Visit eatquestnyc.com and let Debra be your guide.

— Alec Baldwin

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There are 5 things you have to do every day - you have to get up, walk, talk, see, eat, before you go back to sleep. Debra knows where I’d want to eat between Earth and Jupiter.

— Ornette Coleman

Debra has a knack for finding precisely the venue for a client’s needs. rom intimate dinners for two in charming restaurants that are off the beaten path, to an idyllic summertime spot for a birthday party for 50, she has repeatedly found just the right venue. She has an ear to the ground in the city’s ever changing dining scene, helping find the ‘extraordinary’, not just ‘out of the ordinary’.

— Neeraj Garg

Deb and only Deb can tell me where to eat and why. She won’t lead you astray, ever.

— Mary-Louise Parker / New York City

Consider eatquestnyc your personal GPS system for the the yet-to-be-discovered culinary destination of NYC’s underground. eatquestnyc will get you there before everyone else knows that there’s a there there.

— Tess O’Dwyer / Fundraising Strategist

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I love this service! When planning to meet friends, for some reason we often can’t think of something different, an interesting place to get together. eatquestnyc solves the problem whatever neighborhood you’re in. It’s especially great for an international food adventure in one of the boroughs!

— Candice Donnelly / NYC

My company works with a lot of international clients all whom have special and specific dining requests. Debra’s intimate knowledge of NY offerings enables me to find a perfect match to satisfy each of them. I provide her with my criteria and she presents an excellent edited list. My clients and friends are always delighted with their experience!

— Christopher Kunz / Nicholas K Inc.

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I met Debra 3 years ago upon arriving in NYC. Since then she has provided consistently fantastic advice on where to find the best food in this city; from a delicious deli through to fine dining for special occasions. Whenever I need advice on where to go - Debra is able to help with her in depth knowledge of NYC restaurants and food shopping and she’s particularly helpful with understanding my personal preferences. eatquestnyc will be an invaluable resource to both locals and travelers alike.

— Daniel Richards / New York City

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