services and rates

Dining Out

Rates begin with two customized recommendations per meal for $30. Reservations arranged where possible.

Planning a Special Evening Out/Group Dinners

Birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events or just because…

Recommendations and organization begin at $100, on site management available

Customized Lists

Do you want a list of quiet places near your office? Broadway theatre dining choices? The best omakase for your taste and budget?

Recommendations begin with a list of 10 for $250

Personalized Culinary Experiences

Food tours such as pizza crawls, wine bars, dumpling jaunts, exotic ingredient shopping, an adventure on your own or with me as your guide.

Dining In

Source Special & Distinctive Foods For Your At Home Dinner

Find the hidden Thai spice store down a Chinatown alley, just out of the oven porchetta by the pound or the slice, fresh curry leaves, artisanal wines as well as online purveyors of unique ingredients.

Private Chef / Preferred Caterers

Find the person to make you a great meal, whether it be gluten-free delights for twenty or sushi for two.

Subscription Options

Pay in advance, choose services at your leisure and I’ll provide you a bi-monthly accounting. Options include on-demand text messaging.


Make a payment with PayPal

Gift certificates available.

Customized individual and corporate services are also available

Last minute requests subject to late fee.

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