"First we eat, then we do everything else."

M.F.K. Fisher

From Debra’s Friends and Family

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Debra Kletter, the force behind EatQuest. Debra died of unknown causes at home on April 3rd.

Debra was a master of connections. She demanded that people be connected to her and to each other, like a root system that connects a giant forest underground.

Debra insisted that people get together and have a good time for any reason. She was always the last there, making sure everyone was well taken care of, everyone happy, no one feeling left out. That was her greatest gift to us.

She was a friend to all and a connoisseur of the world. She loved to know everything about everything, especially food, but really everything, and would tell you what to do for those everythings. She was loyal to an extreme and supported everyone through whatever they were experiencing, whether it be the worst moment of one’s life or the best.

Debra started as a lighting designer at the University of Wisconsin, studying under Gil Helmsley. She learned her craft from him and honed it at the production company which she helped found with Norman René. Her friendship with Norman was legendary, and she worked with and supported him for all of his professional life as a designer and close friend. Through his relationship with the playwright Craig Lucas and the successes they all had with the shows Marry Me A Little, Blue Window, and Reckless and the movies Longtime Companion and Prelude To A Kiss, they formed an insoluble bond between all involved. She became the social glue for this aspiring group of theater and movie makers.

Debra had a variety of careers since then, the last of which was as a food and restaurant guru with a large and loyal following known as Eatquestnyc. She was a recognized and revered Twitter personality and appeared on podcasts such as her longtime friend Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing. She was friends with celebrities as well as the fruit walla on her corner. Her connections were so varied everyone felt they were her best friend.

That was how she treated you.

She will be missed by all.